4 | Why Are Paintings Not On Sale Immediately?

What About My Future? oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm, 2020 (reference photo: Helmut Schadt)

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Have you ever wondered while you keep following the process of a painting on Instagram why it’s not immediately being offered for sale by the artist? Well, there might be different reasons for this. I am going to explain to you why this happens with my paintings too.

The Painting Needs Drying Time

I mostly paint with oil colors, which typically need a lot of drying time. In the winter, the drying process may take three months. In the summer, it might be less. There are painting mediums that accelerate the drying but I do not usually use them. After drying, the painting still needs to be varnished and then is supposed to dry again for another little while. I know fellow artists who even leave their paintings untouched for an entire year after finishing. I don’t think that this is necessary but it definitely cannot hurt.

The Painting Is Submitted For An Application

As an artist, I am constantly looking for opportunities to showcase my art to the public. I answer open calls for exhibitions opportunities or art prize competitions. When I submit a certain painting in my application, this typically means I have to wait for months to receive a positive or negative answer. During this time, I cannot sell the painting because most guidelines require that the painting – if selected – will be available for sale during the event.

What You Can Do When You Have An Early Interest

If you follow my painting progress on Instagram and start to feel an early interest in a particular painting: please write me a direct message and ask! If you don’t ask you cannot find out! In many cases, it’s possible to make a reservation. And if it’s not then I will let you know immediately when and where the painting is being offered for sale and how you can purchase it.

You can now make a reservation for the above painting on the >>website of the German artists’ association [Kun:st] International. Let me know when you need any assistance with filling out the German registration form.

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