What This New Art Blog Site Is About

(The painting in the header image is based on a photography by Anjan Gosh.)

Follow my new art blog in English language and learn more about me and my art. Receive in-depth information about my paintings and why I call my art Emotional Realism. Find out how and where you can buy my art works or how you can commission your personal painting. 

To give you a little overview on me and my art, I have recorded this little video for you:

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Video-Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YY6Ud6yh6bA

Transcription of the spoken words in the video:

“I have always been fascinated by the individual human being. On the one hand, there is a large diversity of cultures. On the other hand, this is multiplied by a great variety of unique characters. And then every human has their own set of emotions in various situations – caused by worries and joys, fears and hopes, by sorrows and luck, passions and ambitions. I strive to capture all of this in the portraits I paint.

All the colored portraits you can see in this movie I have painted in oil on canvas.

My painting Tanja won the Audience Choice Award in a large international and curated show.

The two black-and-white portraits I have painted with soft pastels on Pastelmat ®”

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