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The Gosh Series

These two oil paintings are part of the new Gosh Series and are now available on Artsy. They are based on the photography of Anjan Gosh from Kolkata, India, who I started collaborating with after a personal meeting at the beginning of 2020. By portraying the beauty of rural life in India, I examine the range of emotions we feel when engaging in dialogue with another culture.

Girl From India
Gosh Series 1
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

My approach to portraying people is entirely emotional, rooted in my absolute love of faces and emotions. I strive to tear down borders and overcome distances with my artwork. While I explore the great variety of different cultures and individual characters, I also zoom in on an individual’s emotions – worries and joys, fears and hopes, sorrows and luck, passions and ambitions.

By capturing everything I perceive, I strive to overcome differences, focusing instead on similarities. The essential objective in my work is to encourage one-on-one encounters of all kinds and look for common ground. In this way, I wish to make a contribution to the world so that all people can live together in peace everywhere.

Woman From India With Nose Ring
Gosh Series 4
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

My figurative work examines the duality of both foreign and familiar impressions we usually perceive when meeting other people. I wish to raise awareness that the origin of these feelings does not primarily depend on the outer appearance of others but much more on our personal bias or openess. Through my art, I am a strong advocate of humanity and diversity.

The Humanity Project India

Own an exclusive piece of original artwork and participate in the project: All my paintings based on Anjan’s photographs (The Gosh Series) are part of the project. In case of sales, 10 % of the proceeds will be donated to people or projects in rural India or in the slums of the big cities such as Kolkata.

Available On Artsy

You can purchase these paintings now on Artsy. Please also follow me on Artsy by clicking on the following image or this link: www.artsy.net/artist/seona-sommer

Read more about the Humanity Project India:

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