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Buy Older Paintings On Sale

Every artist has limited studio space. And every artist usually has older artworks somewhere in the corners of this limited space that sometimes sell for a lot less than more recent works.

If you are looking for a new artwork in your home or office, have nothing particular in mind and a limited budget only, you might as well approach your favorite artist and ask whether they have something to offer that is not currently advertised on their website or other sales platforms. You might be surprised and find a really good deal.

El Viejito, oil on canvas | 80 x 120 cm, 2010, 400 EUR (reference photo: José Javier Reyes)

Is Older Art Good Art?

Art is always art, whether it’s new or not. If your primary goal is to find a new artwork to look at on a daily basis, then it shouldn’t matter when it was made. You decide what you like and not the date on the piece.  If it is your primary goal, however, to invest in art then the date might matter. I am going to talk about investing in art in a future blog post.

Why Has The Artist Not Been Able To Sell That Piece Before?

There are multiple reasons why it is possible that an artwork has not been sold. Most obviously, artists improve their skills over time. So older works are not exhibited anymore in order to only showcase the best pieces and increase the artist’s value on the market.

Another reason might be that the artist has produced a large quantity of artworks and even though many have been sold, there are always some left.

Personally, I have sometimes even kept a piece because I liked it so much myself. Eventually, though, I was ready to let go of it and make someone else happy.

The Price Still Seems Quite High

If you do not understand the artist’s price policy there is no better advise to give you than: don’t be shy and ask. There is usually a good reason for a price. If you cannot accept the price then maybe this piece of art is just not the right one for you.

The Price Looks OK To Me. Can I Still Negotiate It?

You can always try, of course. However, you should have in mind that the artist probably put the same passion, money and also number of hours into the artwork as into recent works even if that was some years ago.

Hidden Treasures by Atelier SommerKunst

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