5 | New Humanity Project: India

Focus on India

My collaboration with Kolkata based photographer Anjan Gosh is reaching the next level. We are launching a new Humanity Project together with a focus on his home country India.

The Mission

I have always felt the desire to do something and make change possible so that somewhere a small part of the world becomes a better place. I care about people everywhere and I fancy the somewhat naive idea that everyone everywhere should be happy. My commitment to humanity and diversity is not limited to canvases. As I paint people I feel that I want to give something back. I feel that I want to zoom in even more and show that I care.

When I paint an individual human being there is always a bigger story behind that painting. Sometimes I know the model and then I also know their story. But more than often I do not know the model and then the story unfolds in other manners. Sometimes the narrative is completely told by my own creative mind, which again has been formed by the entirety of all my experiences, all my acquired knowledge, and to a great extent by my emotions.

And sometimes the story is related to someone else I know and their story and mine become intertwined. This also happened when I met Indian photographer Anjan Gosh and when I started painting portraits based on his photos. We share a very similar mission of using art as a means of connecting to people and taking action to bring change to people in need.

The Project

Own an exclusive piece of original artwork and participate in the project: All my paintings based on Anjan’s photographs (The Gosh Series) are part of the project. In case of sales, 10 % of the proceeds will be donated to people or projects in rural India or in the slums of the big cities such as Kolkata.

In the next blog post No. 6, you will learn more about Anjan and let him also introduce you to Debashish Chatterjee, a visual artist who lives in the slums of Kolkata and needs help. If you do not want to miss this and other new posts, please subribe to my email list >>HERE.

Paintings From The Gosh Series:

Girl From India
Gosh Series 1
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
Smiling Girl From India
Gosh Series 2
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
Man From India With Headscarf
Gosh Series 3
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
Woman From India
Gosh Series 4
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

Available Paintings

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Learn >>HERE why not all finished paintings are offered for sale immediately.

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