37 | Internship with Seona Sommer

My Atelier Sommerkunst had an intern for the first time. It was an exciting time with an extremely appealing result: A film was made! But read the following internship report yourself and then watch the resulting documentary film.


Hello, my name is Muriel Akaab. As a prerequisite for completing my three-year training to become a
Design Technical Assistant, it is necessary to go through an internship in the field of media design/art.
My first choice was with Seona Sommer, a successful freelance artist. On social media I had a deeper look into her work. Her website also told me a lot about her art. With excitement and curiosity, I started my three-month internship on 31 January 2022 at her home studio.

Course of Contents

In the beginning, we sat down together and discussed what we would do together over the next
three months. It was clear from the start that Seona would not be my typical employer. So I was allowed to choose what interested me the most. I really liked the fact that I could contribute my own ideas.

I was very happy to always be able to talk a lot with her. Every step was discussed together in detail, which helped me a lot to work according to a structured guideline. On the first day we discussed which projects I would like to work on. I decided on a short documentary film.

The Film

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/t5D97N74zx8

The film “Art as a Bridge to the World” (original: Kunst als Brücke in die Welt) was made over a period of four to five weeks. Thanks to the planning of the film, I was able to experience for the first time how much work it is to understand and visually summarize someone’s art.
(Editor’s note: The film is completely in German.)

Through the preparation, I was able to gather a lot of material and gain a new insight into her art. Seona’s perspective on her work has given me more understanding of art and a more sensitive view of people. Being behind the camera and simply observing and listening has not only shown me new ways of looking at things. It has also given me the opportunity to put my creative ideas into practice.


Over the three months, I was allowed to work independently on my projects. This experience helped me to learn more about my way of working as a person. The internship confirmed my dream job as a Media Designer all the more. With Seona I had the chance to get a glimpse into the life of an artist. This positive experience has enriched me a lot. I am now looking forward to sharing my experiences with my classmates and teachers. The trip to Herford to see an art exhibition also means a lot to me in retrospect. I am very grateful for these experiences.

Text and title image (collage) by Muriel Akaab

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