36 | And Now What?

Buy this artwork and 100% of revenues will be donated for the help of the Ukrainian people.

Feel The People

As artists, we always depict the world in one way or other. We create images that don’t need any words or that speak when words are missing. Many of us want to make others to have a closer look at something. For me, it has always been most important to encourage people to look into each other’s eyes. Whether it is someone you know already or a complete stranger. Whether it is your neighbor or someone living in a different part of the world. Look into someone else’s eyes and feel what is going on inside of you. Open yourself up to encounter and allow your emotions to come through.

Personally, it gives me great satisfaction to feel the connection to other people. And I firmly believe that if everyone experienced this for themselves, we would have no wars and perhaps even fewer borders in the world.

And Now What?
Pastels on Pastelmat®
28 x 38 cm | 2016
(framed: 47 x 57 cm)

And Now What?

I painted this small artwork in 2016. That’s six years ago. I titled it, “And Now What?”, because that’s what I felt the girl looking at me was asking me the entire time I was painting her. I feel the subject matter has become more and more topical with each passing year. I actually believe it has never been as important as now. This is my personal perspective only, of course. For I know that I am in the lucky position of having lived quite a peaceful life so far. And I know that there’s a large part of the world population who hasn’t been as lucky as I.

When I think about the children in the current war in Ukraine but also elsewhere in miserable circumstances, feeling my own emotions can sometimes become hard to bear. Painting and also looking at my own paintings helps me to stay focused, to stay determined and, above all, to stay human. I then remind myself that everything I do may have a consequence for the next generation.

Try For Yourself

Buy this small artwork and try for yourself. 100% of revenues from the sale of this artwork will be donated for the help of the Ukrainian people. The price for the painting including passe-partout and frame is 500 EUR (shipping is free within Germany only).

  • Send me the money + shipping costs if applicable and I will forward it to the charity Blau Gelbes Kreuz e.V. that is located in my city Cologne and run by Ukrainians. They currently prepare shipments with medicine and other necessary and life saving goods.
  • I am open for you to make an offer for less than 500 EUR also.

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