33 | The Photographers I Work With (4)

Many of my artworks are based on my collaboration with professional photographers. Read in this series about how both sides benefit from each other.

How a Few Words Can Change a Lot

Last year in March, CK started following me on Instagram. Only two months later, he made a very bold approach and sent me this private message, “I wish I had the opportunity to work with you. ☺️” I didn’t know what exactly he wished for, so I asked, “What kind of working with me? Learning how to paint?” His reply was really sweet, “No, I would really like to be your photographer in your work. Also I’ll be the one to take the important shot clip while you are drawing. 🙏🏼 I really like the way, you are truly committed. 🤗” That really touched my heart. Two months later again, I was painting the first portrait based on his reference photo.

The following paintings I have completed based on my collaboration with CK:

all oil on canvas | 2021

How Everything Falls into Place

I was actually looking for a photographer in Tanzania anyway in order to continue my work with the Tanzanian people and also for the charity organization Tansania AG des Friedrichs-Gymansiums Herford e.V. that I support with my art. So I am really happy CK contacted me as he is not only very talented but has exactly the kind of photographer’s eye that looks at people the way I do. CK, on the other hand, can gain valuable experience and mention our collaboration in future job applications.

Cliff Kareem, Dar es Salaam | Tanzania

CK is only 20 years old and completely self-taught. He started taking photos on his mobile phone at the age of 14. Now he is happy to own an good digital camera. He likes lifestyle photos focusing on people in typical life situations or in typical cultural context. He has a particular soft spot for people who are not on the sunny side of life. After graduating from Secondary School he started working for a US company in Dar es Salaam.

But things in Tanzania are not easy for young people and income is rarely regular. CK dreams of travelling and working for a charity organization with his camera. I hope my collaboration with him will be one step on the ladder towards his dream.

In 2023, he is going to be part of my international exhibition project in Cologne. This project still needs sponsors so that art works by Tanzanian and Indian artists can be prepared for the show. One option is that you commit to a certain artist – like CK – and sponsor the production of one or two of their pieces.

About CK

Read more about the photographers I work with:

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