32 | New Exhibition Project Will Feature my International Partners

I am very excited to announce a new project that will allow me to curate and organize an international exhibition in Cologne in 2023. And planning is in full swing already!

The Idea

If you have been following me and my are for a while then you know how much my art is inspired by the international collaborations that have developed over the past two years ago and also by my trip to Tanzania in 2019. My artistic journey has picked up tremendously since then. I feel so in tune with what I’m doing and painting.

On the one hand, I have found wonderful new friends who share the same mission as I do – That’s why our collaboration work out so well. And on the other hand, I can combine my art with social commitment – which is deeply satisfying for me. It gives my art a new meaning. As a portrait artist, I want to give something back to people because it gives me so much pleasure to paint them.

I am now planning to bring me and my partners together in a joint venture exhibition.

The Challenge

In order to bring artworks by Indian and Tanzanian artists to Germany and prepare them for an exhibition, sponsors are needed. These can be companies, organizations or private individuals. Do you have an idea or are you interested in becoming a part of the project yourself? Then please contact me via social media or send me an email. I am happy about every little hint or contribution!

The Exhibition

Kulturkirche Ost, Cologne, Germany | photo credit: Axel Hartmann

Of course, the details have not yet been fully worked out. But I have already received a confirmation from GAG Immobilien AG to be able to hold the exhibition in the Kulturkirche Ost in Cologne at the beginning of 2023. I will have about 44 meters available for hanging pictures and photographs. The hanging area is divided into two sides of equal length of the overall triangular building, architecturally this is definitely a very unusual and interesting exhibition space. My focus will be on India and Tanzania, but I also don’t want to be too restrictive, so the concept is still somewhat flexible.

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