31 | This Was My 2021

I look back on a successful year! This fills me with deep gratitude and great motivation to start the new year with confidence.

Painting Record

I have never painted so many pictures as this year! In addition to those you can see in the cover image, there are two commissioned works that I can not (yet) publish. I can’t really explain how this was possible. Surely, it has to do with the strict working schedule that I imposed on myself some time last year when the pandemic stopped all other endeavours. At the beginning of this year, I pledged to continue this schedule no matter how much freedom life after the pandemic would offer again. Well, “after the pandemic” has not happened yet, so I just keep painting.

In addition, it’s definitely true what applies for all other working fields as well: the harder you work, the better and also faster you become. I think I have just gained a great deal of practice experience the last couple of years.

>>HERE you can view all paintings in large size again.

Highlights of the Year

My four biggest highlights of this year were when I won a Public Choice Award in the exhibition “Human, where are you?” by [KUN:ST] international Stuttgart e.V. in June. Then in September, I participated in a biennial in Moldova and a multipaged feature with interview was published in the “Hyperrealism Magazine”. And finally I sold three paintings to Galerie Ovo in Taiwan, two of them from the Tanzania Series of schoolchildren, which allowed me to make a bigger donation to Tansania AG de Friedrichs-Gymnasiums Herford e.V.

So Much More Happened in 2021

Find the complete list here of expositions, publications, new memberships and a new collaboration:

  • X Exposición Internacional Museo Virtual MundoArti “Especial Navidad” (Spain)
  • International Online Art Expo 4th Edition, Colour Wings (India)
  • Kunstroute Süd, Cologne (Germany)
  • The World in Faces, Galerie Ovo, Taipeh City (Taiwan)
  • International Biennial of Painting, under the patronage of Ministry of Culture of R. Moldova / National Museum of Fine Art, Chisinau (Moldova)
  • Offene Ateliers Köln (Germany)
  • Bergische Kunstwanderung, Kürten-Dürscheid (Germany)
  • The Stage Gallery, Cologne (Germany)
  • Kunstroute Ehrenfeld, Cologne (Germany)
  • CHITRANKAN : 3, International Online Art Competition & Art Exhibition 2021 only women artists (India)
  • art prize exhibition “Human, where are you?”, Kunst Stuttgart International e.V., Leonberg (Germany)
  • solo show: Humanity Projects, virtual gallery “Galerie Schlossgarten”, Künstlerkanal (Germany)
  • Be My Valentine Miniature Pop Up Show, 33 Contemporary (USA)
  • Artinside Gallery, online art exhibition in augmented reality, Florence (Italy)
  • (Mention:) Joseph Mchekadona: Visual artist revels in gaining recognition, The Guardian, 18 November 2021 (Tanzania)
  • Artelibre – Arte y Libertad XVI. Galería artelibre (editor), 2021 (Spain)
  • Carmela Brunetti: Realismo fotografico nella nostra contemporaneità conversazione con l’artista Seona Sommer, World on Art, issue 4, November 2021 (Italy)
  • Hyperrealism Magazine #16, 18 September 202, Feature & Interview
  • bluebee magazine, Vol. 7 – Bloom, July 2021, Blue Bee Gallery (editor) (UK)
  • Guía de arte “LEONARDO” 2021, Galería artelibre (editor) (Spain)
  • (Mention:) Max Gillies: A Time For Twosomes, Fine Art Connoisseur, May/June 2021, Vol. 18, issue 3 (USA)

New memberships with: [KUN:ST] international Stuttgart e.V., Singulart, Rtistiq and Galería artelibre.

New collaboration with: Cliff Kareem Lasway, photographer, Tanzania

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