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This recently finished portrait is a matter of the heart for me as I have painted it for the art contest “I Am Her Voice” that deals with violence against women.

The Art Contest “I AM HER VOICE”

Even though humankind has generally reached a high level of enlightenment and liberalization, many circumstances still remain as if we would still live in the Middle Ages. This is especially true for women who are still subject to various forms of sexual, domestic and other forms of violence every day and everywhere. Femicides happen with alarming frequency, also every third day in my country Germany.

Die BONO-Direkthilfe and Chance Swiss, who have been campaigning against human trafficking, forced prostitution and violence against women and children for almost 20 years, have now launched this art competition.

On the competition website it says, “Many of them [women] cannot raise their voices themselves. With I AM HER VOICE, we want to give affected women a voice – a voice that is heard and that contributes to ensuring that violence and discrimination against girls and women no longer have a place in our society.”

Gertrude from Dar es Salaam

Non Silenced
Oil on canvas | 80 x 80 cm
Reference photo: CK Visuals

From the beginning, it was my wish to participate with a positive image that encourages women and expresses strength. And then I found Gertrude on Instagram, who agreed to become my model.

Gertrude Alex Malizana is a young Tanzanian artist who successfully completed the training program at Nafasi Academy for Contemporary Art in Dar es Salaam. She has made it her mission as an artist to advocate for the women in her community, empowering them in their independence and self-confidence, and arming them against all kinds of sexual and other domestic violence. When I spoke with her on the phone, she told me that she comes from a family that has experienced violence against women. Her mother got relief by writing poetry as a young woman, but never published it. Unfortunately, Gertrude’s mother died very young. Growing up, Gertrude realized that she was not afraid to speak out for women and against violence. She realized that she has the gift to even lend her voice to other women. Most of all, though, she wants to help them speak out loud for themselves.

I am happy to also lend Gertrude my additional visual voice through this painting and by this support her in everything she does.

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