3 | Do You Know This In-Between Feeling?

On this New Year’s Eve, there were hardly any options of “finishing up” and  “starting over”. For most of us, the number of the year has changed, but the general situation has not. This evokes an in-between feeling in me. I would love to look forward to … something! But what and above all when?

2020 was different. I do not have to tell you why. You all know. Everywhere. It’s worth to have a look at your personal life, though, and find out what exactly was different for you and how it affected you. In regular daily live, we often feel overwhelmed, time flies much too quickly, and we must schedule even our spare time to not completely forget about relaxation. Whereas in times of crisis, we automatically focus on more essential things.

In my life art is most essential and, due to lots of extra time, I painted as much as never before. Here I have put together a video which showcases all my paintings & drawings of 2020:

Feeling Connected

It was also essential for me to feel connected with and attached to other people. And I did! Even though I physically saw a lot less people than I usually do. To me the few physical meetings turned into real quality time together. I also scheduled more phone calls than usual. And then I spent a lot of time online. Paradoxically, even though we had to socially distance locally, I felt really close to the rest of the world online. Staying home was not as bad as it could have been without being connected to all of you around the globe. Art is my bridge into the world. 🌍 This has become a new slogan of mine. My goal is to stick to my pandemic time schedule continuously and paint just as much as in 2020!

2021 Will Be Different As Well

Strangely, I am starting the new year without having any exhibitions scheduled ahead. So again I will have lots of extra time to paint I guess, which is not the worst thing to do!

The world is not the same anymore as it was before 2020. That’s all the more reason to build our future on and with the people we love and care for. Strong ties will overcome fear and will establish hope and last but not least will motivate us to go beyond our usual routine to make the world a better place again.

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