29 | 7 Days Fantastic Black Friday 2021 Deals

Make your wish come true and receive a special discount on selected artworks on Black Friday 2021 and the following days!

What Happens on Black Friday 2021?

Seven selected artworks are available at a special discount this year. Starting with Black Friday on November 26, 2021, you can get artworks with 20% discount for a whole week. But beware: only one picture per day will be offered with discount! The next day this discount is no longer valid, then another picture is discounted instead.

!! Attention: Please inform yourself at the end of this blog article about the exact conditions !!

How to Find Out Which Artwork is on Offer

Which artwork will be offered at a discount on each of the 6 days after Black Friday 2021, you will find out every day from approximately 8 am CET >>HERE on my website or a bit later later on the respective day also on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn.

How Can You Buy the Discounted Artworks?

  • Scroll to the bottom of this blog article. There you will find the links to the online galleries Singular and Rtistiq, where all images are offered for sale. Choose a store.
  • Click on the painting offered in the store that day with 20% discount.
  • Click on the button that allows you to make a price offer.
  • Calculate 20% and subtract this amount from the stated selling price. Submit your offer at this discounted price. If your offer corresponds with the discount calendar, I will accept it!
  • There is another possibility and that is to contact me directly on the day in question.

!! Attention: Please inform yourself at the end of this blog article about the exact conditions !!

An Example:

The artwork on the right with the regular price of 3,200 EUR (or 3,900 USD) is on sale on Black Friday 2021. On this day you can take off a 20% discount. That means you can buy it on Singulart for 640 EUR less or on Rtistiq for 780 USD less. To do so, click on the respective button (“Make us an offer” | “Make an offer”) and enter the corresponding price (2,560 EUR | 3,120 USD) as your offer.

Conditions for Purchase During the Black Friday 2021 Discount Promotion

Each Day a Different Offer

The offers are valid exclusively on the day designated for the particular work of art from approximately 8 am until midnight. Previous reservations will not be made. The time is based on Central European Time (CET).

Exklusive Offer

The offers are NOT combinable with other offers! For example, if Singulart happens to make another offer for sale through its website on the same day, my offer for that day will expire without replacement.

Your Responsibility

If you miscalculate the discount and make an offer that is less than the discount offered, there is no guarantee that the purchase will be made. If you purchase a painting at a price that is more expensive than the one provided for in this discount promotion, the discount cannot be applied afterwards.

Luck Rules

Since the artworks are offered on different channels, all of which work differently, I cannot guarantee that it will go faster one way than the other on any given day. With two or more interested parties, it takes a bit of luck in the end as to who will win the bid.

No Guaranteed Black Friday Offer

If a painting is sold at the regular price before the scheduled date of the discount promotion, the offer will be cancelled on that date. No other painting will be offered as a replacement.

General Terms & Conditions

Furthermore, the general conditions of sale in the GTC of Singulart, Rtistiq and Atelier SommerKunst apply.

You prefer to commission your own artwork?

No problem! Just read the blog article No 27 and find out how commissioned work works.

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