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SOLD !!  It is with great pleasure that I can announce a special sale that I have had recently. And I would like to take the occasion to remind you again about my Tanzania project.

Wonderful News!

I feel very happy that Galerie Ovo inTaipeh, Taiwan, has selected and already purchased my painting “Schoolchildren in Tanzania 3” for an upcoming portrait show. When Julia Tung, the gallery owner, contacted me she pointed out that she was especially interested in my social engagement for schoolchildren in Tanzania and that she and her gallery, too, are donating to the Child Fund Taiwan. Wow!

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Schoolchildren in Tanzania 3
oil on canvas
80 x 100 cm

The Humanity Project Tanzania

Those of you who have been following me for a while already know that I support the Tansania AG des Friedrichs-Gymnasiums Herford e.V. that helps to support children’s school education in Tanzania for those who would not have a chance otherwise. I support this charity organization privately together with my husband, but I also with my art and I donate from each sale.

The paintings from the series “Schoolchildren from Tanzania” (1-5) that I painted in 2019-2020 are all based on photos that I took myself when I was travelling in Tanzania in 2019. With this trip a childhood dream of mine had come true and I pledged to donate 30% from my revenues of sales from this series.

I felt especially happy about this current sale as I was able to send my donation while Walter Rausch, the founder and basically the heart of the charity organization, was still in Tanzania. He usually travels there twice a year, which unfortunately had not been possible since the outbreak of COVID. He is there now after a long time of absence and, as you can image, the pandemic has changed life in Tanzania, too, of course. Money for school education (and other essential things) is needed more than ever in poor countries.

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