23 | It Has Happend Again!

For a second time now, reality was suddenly mingling with the process of working on a painting just like two different story lines are intertwined. The story that the subject matter of my latest painting was telling me turned into a multi-faceted plot and became a page-turner without happy ending last weekend.

When a Story Becomes Reality

The first time it happened while I was working on “Lost”.

While I was painting this recently finished portrait the second Covid wave hit India mercilessly and has since devastated the country. Suddenly, I felt the subject matter of the painting – a character from a theater play, wearing make-up and a dress in bright colors as well as ornamental jewelry and yet looking so sad and kind of lost – is exactly what sums up the desperate situation many people are currenctly finding themselves in. A beautiful country on hold. And this is also how the painting received its title, “Lost”.

18 | Humanity Project India, SommerKunstBlog, 21 May 2021. Read the entire article >>HERE.

Now it happened again while I was working on “A Moment Of Silence.” This time I had titled the painting already beforehand. And then, after the sudden the shock felt by many in the face of one of the biggest natural disasters and devastation that my country Germany has ever experienced, we all fell silent. Although, not only for a moment. While the rivers were swelling until they were flooding cities, streets and houses, sweeping away everything on their path, we became absolutely speechless.

A Moment of Silence
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
(Reference photo by Cliff Kareem Lasway)

A Better Future

The boy in the painting may or may not experience a peaceful moment of silence. Definitely, I believe, he is finding comfort in hugging a tree. What a symbolic painting it has become all of the sudden! Children and nature are the two most precious factors we MUST treasure, care for and nurture before everything else if we love our planet and wish to save it, to keep it inhabitable. And yet, we don’t!

The boy in the painting is a real person. His name is Patrick and he lives in Tanzania. This boy is dreaming about a future free of worries just like every other child does. And yet, in poor countries like Tanzania most children do not even have a present without worry and fear.

What Can We Do?

Each one of us can do something! There are always plenty of opportunities to donate. If you don’t have any spare money, you can volunteer. If you are not in a physical position to volunteer, you can either try to find an office kind of job. If you don’t have the time, think about how you can better connect what you usually do with what is needed for the sake of our planet. Or, the least you can do, is to always stand up for the weak and minorities in discussions and never let yourself be silenced in the face of injustice and inhumanity.

Three Selected Opportunities For Your Donation:

Please do not feel pressured to make your donation exactly here – but just in case you have no idea where to start, I am giving you a few ideas here.

To help the victims of the recent floodings in Germany, please donate here:

German Red Cross: click >>HERE and select “flood” as your preferred donation purpose.

-To help other flood victims elsewhere, you may support this call from India:

The life of Manipur village of Sandeshkhali and its residents devastated by the onslaught of supercyclone “Yash” in May 2021.

For more information send an email to: littlehelp_n24pgs@yahoo.com

-To help educate children in Tanzania so they can take care of their own future, please donate here:

The German charity Tansania AG des Friedrichs-Gymnasiums Herford e.V. supports childen in Tanzania to receive a school education. Make a one-time donation to this PayPal account: walter.rausch(at)t-online.de. Or contact Walter at the same email address to find out how you can sponsor a child on a regular basis.

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