21 | New Collaboration With Heart Poster Designs

You can now bring my art into your house at low cost and you can make a charity happy too!

Buy A Poster Of Selected Artworks Of Mine

The paintings in the five rooms below are now available as high quality poster prints from >>Heart Poster Designs. If you are interested in one of them just click on the image and you will be forwarded to the right link.

!! Important Information For Customers Outside Of Germany & Austria !!

If you order from outside of Germany and Austria, is is currently not possible to use the webshop. Instead you must contact Heart Poster Designs directly

and request an offer from them that includes shipping costs to your country.

55 x 55 cm
soft pastels on Pastelmat, 2018
(referencephoto: Hans-Joachim Reiter)
School children in Tanzania (1)
50 x 100 cm
oil on canvas, 2020
Girl From India with Blue Headscarf
50 x 70 cm
oil on canvas, 2020
(referencephoto: Anjan Gosh)
School children in Tanzania (5)
80 x 100 cm
oil on canvas, 2020
The Girl & The Goat
70 x 70 cm
oil on canvas, 2021
(referencephoto: Anjan Gosh)

My promise: If you buy a poster and later decide to buy the original painting too (if still available), I will reimburse you the price for the poster. See exact conditions in the following paragraph.

Why Posters?

The most simple reason is obvious: a lot of people like art but original art works are expensive. A poster can be a very good alternative if you are not in a position at the moment to purchase the original piece. Or the original piece might even have been sold already.

If the original artwork is still available (no promises at this point!), I am offering another reason for you now: test the poster at your wall for a couple of weeks – let me know about it as soon as you order it! – and when you decide to purchase the original artwork then, I will reimburse your expenses for the poster (including the shipping costs if purchased in the EU). This discount does not apply together with other discounts.

Why Heart Poster Designs?

I would like to stress that I didn’t think of offering my art works as posters before I contacted Heart Poster Designs. Most poster shops are huge and don’t offer any extra value. Heart Poster Designs is different.

The main aspect I really like about them is their heart in their business concept. From each sale a donation is made to one of the followig charities:

  • Tafel Deutschland (provinding food to people in need in Germany)
  • VETO (association of European societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals)
  • Deine Isar e.V. (organization for the protection of the environment in and around Munich, Germany)
  • Tansania AG (organization supporting school education for children in Tanzania)

I also like the fact that they wish to develop a close relationship with their artists and promote them as artists as well.

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