2 | In The Name Of Humanity

My Vision

I have got this vision of an international network of art lovers and people who believe in and also invest in humanity. The focus is on Tanzania and India, both are countries with a high proportion of people living in poverty.

Personally, I strive to tear down borders and overcome distances with my artwork as I write in my artist’s statement. While I explore the great variety of different cultures and individual characters, I also zoom in on an individual’s emotions. By capturing everything I perceive, I strive to rise above differences, focusing instead on similarities. The essential objective in my work is to encourage one-on-one human encounters of all kinds and look for common ground. In this way, I wish to make a contribution to the world so that all people can live together in peace everywhere.

In 2020, I have established some amazing connections with like-minded people both from my country and internationally. It is my wish to join forces and make 2021 the beginning year of a helping hands art network.

How It Started

When I finished my series of Tanzanian School children I pledged to donate a certain percentage of proceeds in case of sales. I support a small German charity project that sponsors school education in Tanzania. In a country where regular income is rare, many parents cannot afford sending their children to school even if public schools do not charge any fees. Already bus fares, textbooks and pens are too much for them to put aside. School education, however, is most children’s only chance to escape poverty later on.

Watch here how the Artinside Gallery showcased my series of Tanzanian school children in augmented reality in beautiful Florence this year:

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/sgVCrJgSwYI

Why 2020 Has Made Help More Urgent

The current pandemic came after my initial pledge but has made the need of help even more necessary. All around the world people are loosing their jobs. Often their informal business concepts have been relying on tourists or business people travelling and leaving money everywhere. These days almost noone is travelling and many informal businesses are dying. In poor countries like Tanzania this means that entire families have zero income. Neither do they receive any public assistance nor have they saved any money in the bank.

Art Can Help

I have already found a couple of business partners from the art world already who share my vision and contribute their skills, time, or knowledge. I will introduce them and our projects to you in future posts here.

For now, I pledge to donate 50% of proceeds from sales of the Tanzania paintings:

Can You Support Us?

  • Do you have an idea of how you can contribute to the humanity project? Please contact me by email here: mail(at)ateliersommerkunst.de
  • Do you know someone who might be interested in my art or my art projects? Please share this post with them.
  • Do you know someone who might be a beneficial business partner? Please introduce them to me.

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