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Find out how you can help the people in India while they are going through a terrible time of crisis caused by the second wave of the Covid pandemic.

Worldwide Children Are Suffering From The Consequences From Covid-19

Children worldwide are suffering from the consequences that the pandemic has caused. Unfortunately, in my country, Germany, children have been mostly forgotten about by politicians when they developed their strategies of restrictions. It is believed that at least two thirds of all children in Germany are experiencing serious mental problems. And also the rate of attempted suicide has increased among them.

This is not different and often even worse in other countries. Yesterday, 31 May 2021, I read this article on the BBC website, “The Indian children orphaned by Covid-19”, and I felt really sad. What will happen to this global generation of children who have had to endure so much? I believe that an entire neglected generation will eventually show very similar symptoms to a single neglected child. And this thought really scares me. We must focus more on the children and take their needs more serious!

Indian Child with Yellow Head Scarf
Gosh Series 5
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm

The Red Volunteers in Kolkata

The Red Volunteers, a private volunteer organization in West Bengal, India, are currently doing everything they can 24/7 in order to help the people in need and affected by the Covid crisis who do not receive any help from the government or elsewhere. They bring prepared meals, help with hospital admissions, arrange for medicines and oxygen cylinders and even assist in cremations. Eventually, maybe one child less will loose his*her parents with the help of this exceptional team doing such outstanding grassroot work.

Find out more >>HERE on my website and support the Red Volunteers with your donation.

Click >>on this Facebook link or on >>on this Instagram link to watch how one Red Volunteer is thanking me for my donation. I felt deeply touched when watching this video (by Anjan Gosh).
The money you send will go directly and 100% to the people in need.

You Can Help Today!

Anjan is volunteering for the Red Volunteers who bring food to people that have lost their jobs or are Covid infected and isolated at home. Read what he says on his Facebook page:

“The second wave of the virus has had a massive impact on the entire country, but more so on the people belonging to the so called lower strata of society. With most of these people being daily labourers, the imposed lockdown has taken away that as well. In times like this, we should all put our foot forward, thank God for our privilege and give back to the society, because this pandemic is a human tragedy. Me, along with a few others, are trying to do our bit to ensure that these people at least do not starve themselves to death.”

https://www.facebook.com/iamanjan.ghosh.3114 (19 May 2021)


The money you send will go directly and 100% to the people in need. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me or Anjan.

Read more about the Humanity Project India:

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