16 | When Is The Right Time To Buy An Artwork?

Have you lately been debating about whether or not to buy a piece of art? Then this might be the blogpost you need to read today.

“I am not actually an art collector…”

You don’t have to be. Whether you buy art on a regular basis, or every now an then, or once in a life time only, the final decision to buy a piece of art is always a decision of your heart. Do not listen to those who tell you that you must act strategically and research the market value of the artist first. Of course, this might be an important criterion for some of you who are into gambling and plan on growing their assets. Or to others who like to show off their latest purchase and hope to increase their own reputation. If you, however, simply feel attracted by the piece you are considering to buy then don’t think economicly. Think about the extra value that this piece of art will add to your daily life.

“I feel unsure whether I really like it so much that I should buy it…”

Looking at art can evoke the same feeling as listening to a good song, watching two birds in love, thinking about your most exciting travel adventure, remembering a dear person, or finding your inner peace while practising yoga. In other words, looking at art is a very emotional experience for most people. Try to recall what you felt the very first minute you saw the artwork. It’s mostly love at first sight.

You may have noticed that feelings and emotions come and go. It is difficult to control them and even more difficult to try and provoke a certain feeling that you wish to feel right now. So yes, there might be moments or days when the artwork will not evoke the exact same feeling as the one of that very first moment. But the same is true for all other kinds of emotional experiences, they are weaker or stronger on certain days.

And yet, the exceptional asset of an artwork is that it can help to preserve your beloved emotions. It will always be there and you can always look at it. No special arrangement is necessary. Just look at it and enjoy.

Lost in Incertainties
oil on canvas
50 x 70 cm
(reference photo by Laia López Barnadas)

“Does it match my interior decoration? Do I have enough space?…”

Actually, after reading the previous paragraph, you should have understood already that the question is not whether the artwork matches your couch. The question is rather whether the couch matches your artwork. And if they don’t match, well, just look for another wall or room or make arrangements. Art is not just another piece of furniture.

Art Is About Bonding

People often see or feel something in an artwork that they like about themselves (or in others) – sometimes literally, sometimes in a figurative sense. Buying an artwork means you have internally connected to it. Whatever the personal extra value is that a piece of art can add to your life, when you accept to buy it you make a commitment to yourself.

Last but not least

If you know what is still bothering you and you think you would have bought the artwork if only

  • this or that detail were different then why don’t you ask the artist whether they will agree to a commissioned work according to your preferences.
  • it was less pricey then why don’t you ask the artist whether they have a similar but smaller piece or whether they agree to payment by instalments.

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