14 | The Humanity Projects in Virtual Reality (VR)

The Humanity Projects are now virtually exhibited in a solo show in Galerie Schlossgarten, produced by the German >>Künstlerkanal.

Out of the blue, I was offered this wonderful opportunity to exhibit all already finished paintings that provide the foundation of the Humanity Projects. Unlike in many other virtual exhibitions, this gallery looks real and not produced by the computer.

Click on the following image to enter and then use your mouse or touchscreen to navigate:

Availabilty Of These Paintings

>>HERE you can check the availability of these and other paintings.

The Humanity Projects

The artist feels strongly committed to pursuing humanitarian goals. She contributes to the charity organization Tansania AG of Friedrichs-Gymnasium Herford and collaborates with the photographer Anjan Gosh from Kolkata (India). A single person in a challenging situation may also be supported. A donation will be made from each artwork sale. To find out more details, reach out to the artist.

Additional Information

To find out more information on this opportunity of exhibiting contact >>Künstlerkanal.

Do You Wish To Support Us?

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