12 | How My Paintings Became Better From One Day To Another

See For Yourself

When you compare the two photos of the same painting in the title image: what do you see? I am sure you can see a big difference in photo quality. I have always taken my own photos of my paintings and was OK with it. I am only an amateur photographer but I have managed to learn the basics about manual settings and taking pictures in the studio. I have a middle class digital camera (Canon 70D), a tripod and several powerful daylight studio spots. Nevertheless, it was never easy to take the perfect picture.

The Challenges of Photographing Paintings

The biggest challenge of taking a photo of a middle sized or large oil painting is that you need to find the perfect settings for 1) having an equal light distribution on every single square inch and, at the same time, 2) showing as much detail as possible. Additionally, when there are large areas with dark colors, it easily happens that you will see reflected light in them in the photo.

In the early days of my art career, I did have little confidence in my photography skills and consulted professional photographers with professional studios where I would take my paintings. But I was actually never 100% happy with the results and so I decided to teach myself how to do it.

I was fine with this until a few weeks ago… So what happened a few weeks ago?

A New Gadget Changed My Life

A few weeks ago, I treated myself with a brandnew iPhone, the 12 mini. Until then I had been using the 6s for the longest time as I don’t desire to have all the latest gadgets. But with the new iPhone my artist’s life changed completely. I had to realize all of the sudden that I did NOT have aquired the necessary photo skills for photographing my artwork in all those years. I had not had any idea before but now I am actually asking myself whether several of my submissions got rejected in the past because I sent them bad photos?

Click on the images, zoom in and watch more closely:

The Girl & The Goat, oil on canvas, 70 x 70 cm, 2021 (reference photo by Anjan Gosh)

This Is What I am Working On Right Now

By the way, I am not getting paid by Apple for advertising their new model here! I only wish to give you an explanation for my the recent news break and I want you to look forward to a new experience of my art! I have been working tirelessly to photograph again all the paintings that I still own (still going on), on editing the photos, putting my watermark on them, and preparing them for my website or submissions to open calls.

In the meantime, it is possible that you receive error messages here and there when clicking on a photo. The reason is that I can simply not do five things at the same time. If this happens, please just visit back some time later.

My goal is also to publish blog posts about the background stories of many of my paintings. But currently I cannot see myself doing this as long as a major part of the new photos are not close to being perfect.

While doing this, it came in handy to actually reorganize my entire inventory. Eventually, I wish to list more of my paintings on my website and also make comments on availability (maybe set up something like a shop even).

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