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KB – Queer Rebel From The Bay Area, California

I met KB a long time ago in San Francisco in 1995. I was visiting then but I returned and moved to the Bay Area in 1996 and lived there for three years. KB has not only been a close friend to me since then but also a permanent activist in the queer community in the US and a role model for many. In 2008, KB founded Queer Rebels, a successful creative business showcasing LGBT+ artists of color, and has since become one of the main Black trans leaders within the Bay Area around San Francisco and in New York.

Why Purchasing KB’s Portrait Is One Of The Best Things You Can Do Today

Artists of all genres and creative businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic all over the world. While we are all trying to cope with the changes of your daily lives, some have to accept even bigger challenges. KB recently suffered a heart attack and is now left with both a weakened body and major medical bills. Read below how you can help. Each contribution is welcome. Additionally, I am making the following offer: if you happen to have a free spot on a wall in your house or apartment and if you like the oil portrait of KB that I painted in 2016, then I offer to donate the major part of revenues from this sale to my friend’s fund-raising campaign. Please contact me if you are interested.

oil on canvas
60 x 90 cm

The following text is copied from the Go-Fund-Me website with KB’s campaign:

>>Go directly to the fund-raising campaign website

KB Boyce needs your help as they* (read editor’s note below) recover from a heart attack.

KB is a creative, radical and outspoken Black trans leader in the NY and Bay Area queer creative community for the past four decades.

Our community knows how to value and protect our Black, queer, trans elders even if our society does not. KB is a Black, trans, visionary artist and that does not pay the bills.

They are not one to ask for support when they know how many other folks in our community also need resources, but it is time for our community to step up and show KB the love, care and financial support they need to stay strong, safe, and to recognize them for the enormous amount they have done for our community.

KB has been at the heart of the queer creative community, for more than four decades, since they first appeared onstage at CBGBs at the age of 14. You may know them as legendary drag king Tuffy ‘Tuffinstuff,’ from their work as a sound engineer at music venues across the bay, or as a musician making and performing music with some of the best bands in the country. As the founder and head of the groundbreaking Queer Rebels, they have given a voice, platform and launching pad for Black and POC QT artists across the country for a decade.

You may not know some of the other ways they have given back to our community, including working with Black queer elders in a literature circle, as a teacher to kids at the Girls Rock music camp, and as an outspoken advocate for racial and Black trans justice. All of us have received the benefit of their years of quiet work.

The heart attack was (thankfully) minor and they will recover fully, but recovery takes time and brings medical bills, lost work, and lifestyle changes in order to make sure that they stay healthy. KB was in the process of changing housing before their heart attack, and their health condition makes that more challenging.

>>Go directly to the fund-raising campaign website

Your donation will help KB:

–> Cover medical costs their insurance won’t pay for, including portions of hospital stay, surgery and medications
–> Make up for income loss as they recover
–> Support transportation and food costs (KB doesn’t have a car)
–> Pay for packing, moving, and transitioning to stable, long-term housing
–> Continue their visionary work as the founder of Queer Rebels, which bolsters and amplifies the work of BIPOC all over

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– Send this directly to people you know can support with money and/or amplify the message and diversify the audience.”

>>Go directly to the fund-raising campaign website

Editor’s note:

The pronoun “they is […]„used to refer to a single person whose gender identity is nonbinary” (Merriam-Webster’s Dictionary)


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