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Online Public Choice Award at [KUN:ST] INTERNATIONAL

My oil painting “What About My Future?” has been selected as a finalist for the [KUN:ST] Art Prize Exhibition 2021 that will take place in July. This year’s topic is “Human, where are you?” Apart from the regular prizes there is also an online public choice award and YOU CAN VOTE FOR ME!

Read below what you have to do and also learn more about the painting itself.

What You Have To Do

  • Go to the [KUN:ST] International website
  • You may or may not scroll down the list of participating artists to S and find me and my painting again to make sure you still like it.
  • Fill out the form with your details and then vote me. All information needed for the form is provided in both English and German.
  • This (see arrows) is the most important part:

What Is The Painting About?

What About My Future?, 2020 | oil on canvas, 80 x 80 cm (reference photo: Helmut Schadt)

My gaze was totally caught when I looked into this child’s eyes while I was scrolling through Helmut Schadt’s Instagram feed and found the reference photo for my painting. I felt some kind of really intense appeal for me to do something. It also felt as if all children’s eyes from around the world were united in these eyes, and as if they were asking me – in these times, in this year – this sole question: What about my future? Or: Have you been thinking about me while making your decisions in the world?

We are living in times in which children have globally started to take to the streets in order to state clearly that they are afraid of climate change. We are also living in times in which a growing number of children are roaming around countries as refugees. Some of them get stuck in camps, for example in Greece. Others are separated from their parents, for example in the U.S.A. in 2020. ln my country in Germany, many children experience an enormous pressure because the education system has been painfully neglected but society’s demands on them have been growing nevertheless. Since last year, a global pandemic has uncovered countless problems worldwide even more and has added massive stress to especially all our children in the world.

Children have no means to change the world as they have no power of decision. And yet it is them who, in the future, will have to endure all current decisions the most. However, children have an enormous emotional power that they can use to make us change something. A look into a child’s eyes can also change something inside of you.

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