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If you have always wanted to write an article about yourself and your art, or about some other topic from the world of art or the art business, then grap your chance today! I am currently accepting new applications for guest articles.

What Is SommerKunstBlog About?

SommerKunstBlog targets all people who are interested in art and art business. I write a lot about my personal experiences, that I have collected for many years. I strongly believe in sharing and helping other artists. I also write about my own art and share the feelings & emotions that come with making art. For I believe that art is a combination of both technique or knowledge on the one hand, and discovering emotions on the other hand. Last but not least, I like to share my opinion on topics that are being discussed in the art world as I also believe in exchanging personal views. All this I really enjoy a lot!

I also enjoy to recruite guest bloggers for my SommerKunstBlog. I am very proud that a good number of guest articles have already been composed by really good artists from around the world. >>HERE you can find all published guest articles so far.

Write an Article for a German Art Blog

Free spots available for your contribution to a German art blog! Provided that you can send a text in very good English, you are encouraged to submit your application! I will translate your text into German. Are you interested? You can find some inspirations on what to write about in the following paragraph. Before you apply, please refer to paragraph (i) of the Terms & Conditions for further information. If you can agree to them, then feel free to contact me at the email address below and provide the following information: What is your full name? Where are you from, or where do you live? What topic would you like to write about? Please do not just send a full text before you have received a positive answer from me.

What Would You Like to Write About?

  • You wish to present yourself as an artist to a constantly growing audience of this blog?
  • You want to share your experiences as an artists and can give advice on something?
  • You wish to share your opinion on an art topic that is really important to you?
  • You work with artists, or in the art market and have collected valuable information that you would like to share?
  • You work with artists, or in the art market, or art business and wish to express your opinion on a certain topic?
  • You are neither artist nor do you work in in the art market or art business, but you love art and would like to write about a certain topic?
  • You don’t know what to write about but you would really like to recommend someone else who you think could contribute valuable information here?
  • … ? What other idea you you have?

I look forward to receiving your application!

(titel image by Canva)

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